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  • Are they certified or do they contain any type of toxic material?
    Our mats are made with high quality EVA and made 100% in Spain under the European CE quality control marking. No phthalates, no BPAs. Non-toxic. Certified and tested by independent laboratories in Germany, widely passing both toxicity (REACH) and Toy Safety controls, both physical, as well as flammability and migration of materials EN 71-1:2014 +A1:2018, EN 71 -2:2020: & EN 71-3:2019 +A1:2021
  • Precautions to consider!
    - The packaging elements must be removed before using the baby. - Supervision of an adult during its use is recommended. - In case of use on natural wood, it is recommended not to keep it in the same position for a long time, the waterproof surface avoid the wood breathe and can darken the floor. - Avoid direct sun exposure on the rug and its proximity to heat sources.
  • Members of the National Child Safety Association
    The exhaustive controls on materials and processes have made the LuBabymats padded flooring endorsed by the National Association for Child Safety.
  • Different textures
    The design of our playmats offers different textures to the baby: soft with different figures in relief on a soft surface that will allow him to explore and stimulate his senses. In addition, the four pastel shades of Lubabymats make it easier to recognize and focus their toys on the mat, avoiding creating a visual distraction for the baby and a noise in the sight of the moms ;)
  • Can I use the mat outdoors?
    LuBabymats babymats are created for domestic use. However, they are optimal for both indoor and outdoor use, but we recommend avoiding direct exposure to the sun as well as subjecting them to extreme changes of temperature.
  • How can I clean my mat?
    We recommend to clean the surface of the LuBabymats using a damp cloth with water and neutral soap and Sanytol for desinfecting.
  • Are they water/fluids resistant?
    Lü mats are completely waterproof so any liquid spilled on them can be easily dried
  • What age are recommended?
    Lubabymats mats are indicated for all ages from 0+ months. Baby will start to use it more as he begins to develop the floor stage. Playing at first on his back in the gym and on his stomach "tunny time" starting to crawl and later avoiding hits and falls in his first free movements and attempts to sit, crawl and stand up.
  • how long take the delivery?
    Shipments in Spain and Portugal takes 24/48 hours (business days). For european countries takes between 2 and 5 fives, depens of the country.
  • How is the size of the floor?
    The playmats are made up of 9 central square pieces (formed by two triangles) + 12 profiles, generating a surface of almost 3 m2. Overall: 161 x 161 cm
  • What material are mats made of?
    Lubabymats mats are made with high quality toxic-free premium EVA and extra padding
  • Can multiple mats be joined?
    Of course. The interlocking system of the pieces allows larger surfaces to be configured, which makes them an ideal solution for birthday parties and events with a multitude of children. Also the surface of the mat can be reduced, using fewer tiles. To quote a specific measure, consult the section on the LuBaby Room website:
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